How It Works

After your successful registration you will automatically be merged with an existing member

At this stage you're a free member and have 6hrs to make a donation to him/her or your account will get deleted from the system.

Donate 2,000 naira to your upline. After confirmation, you will be upgraded to level 1 and eligible to receive (NGN2,000) from 2 other new members which are down-lines. You get NGN4,000 at level 1.

Level 1: After receiving donations from your 2 downlines, you will be match with level 2 Upline to make a donation of (NGN3,000), thereafter you get upgraded to level 2 you save (NGN1,000).

Level 2: The system merge you with 1 downline to pay you your first (NGN3,000), while the remaining 3 downlines would be on hold.

After receiving the donation of (NGN3,000) from your first level 2 down_line, the system will automatically merge you to the site account you're to pay a site fee of (NGN2,000) So you save (NGN1,000) again.

Immediately after confirmation of your site fee payment, you will automatically be merged to your remaining 3 down_lines to receive (NGN3,000) from each of them. giving you a total amount of (NGN11,000).

Then the system automatically recycle you to level 0, for another turn to receive (NGN11,000) again.Your one time investment of (NGN2,000) gets you a total returns of (NGN11,000) and this can be achieved possibly within daily or weekly bases, depending on inflow of new members.